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Assalamualaikum W.B.T.

Hello guys.. It's time to broken English entry. Firstly, sorry for my bad English and also my Manglish language. I think la. Maybe?

Who knew person who always smile, cried suddenly? Who knew, right? huh. Yesterday, I cried suddenly remembered the moments with my old BFF :(  8 April 2013. :( I don't know why. That's my fault. That's my mistake. it's just misunderstanding. No wonder, Friendship was destroyed by myself. I don't believe that I can destroy our Friendships. We built our friendship a years but it destroy in a minutes. it just like a bad dream. SO BAD. Speechless. Clueless. Sometimes, I felt that I am going to be a useless person because of it. when my family was quarrel with RSHZRN family, my heart is torn into millions of pieces. they had a conflict. maybe. Don't know what it is. That time, I was joking with her, but she takes seriously. I just quiet, the watdunno.  Now, I lost my bestfriend. :(

When I  remembered moments with RSHZRN, Guess what? i Cried. Suddenly. When I played this "Semua Tentang Kita" song by Peterpan, and "Sepi" song by 6ixth Sense, it's like my heart is going to pop. It's like flashback on my mind. It was not a long time ago.. but it was 1 years ago. Never forget this moments for the rest of my life. Never can change your place. Never, ever and forever. I don't know how to express my feeling just now. Its mixed, All in One. I already consider her as my sister. She taught me a lot of the meaning of life. When I having a trouble, she always advised me. I hope that she can continue her life without me. Be a Strong person k? I'm troublemaker. So, do not close to me. You to nice to me. but, everyone needs a friend beside us, right? I'm sorry.. Please forgive me..I begging you. RSHZRN :(

I am not a strong person. I still need more time to be a strong person to faces the truth. :(  I still can't apologized myself. I felt like I want to scream loudly! boo for me. I don't know how to do again. What should I do? Should I be quiet and do innocent face? No, right? k.fine. Shut up and do the Gwiyomi. Lol. But, one thing that I will not forget, our promises.. :) we are promise do not cut the hair, right? I kept my promises. I still remembered, when we make noise, then your mum approaching go to your bed, we make a quiet condition like no happen. Then you laughing. And, one thing, we together hate a girl named Biyan. I still remember it. Never forget that name. your enemy, my enemy too.  :) Siti Nurhaliza Binti Idris miss Roshazarina Binti Mahmud. :)

-Take Care-

Siti Nurhaliza Binti Idris


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